Total Control (Series 2)


The first series of Total Control – a standout success, embraced by critics and audiences alike – saw political newcomer Alex Irving engineering a remarkable coup, unseating the prime minister and the woman who betrayed her, Rachel Anderson.

But now Alex faces the ultimate test in a democratic system: the nation is going to the polls and she will have to face the judgement of the people.

Alex’s passionate determination to make things better for her people appears doomed to failure. She turns her back on the entrenched ways of doing politics and declares she’ll stand for her home electorate as an Independent.

As the pressure on Alex intensifies, she will have to make a choice, between her own integrity and her increasingly desperate and dangerous ambition.


Episode guide

Episode 1

Far from home, Alex Irving faces the reality of her alliance with the opposition and begins to question her future in the party. Still reeling from the leadership spill, Rachel Anderson plans her next move.

Episode 2

Alex returns home, determined to get her grassroots campaign off the ground. Rachel makes a surprise announcement that sees her facing off with Alex on live television. After the show, Rachel makes Alex an interesting offer.

Episode 3

Alex's success on the campaign trail has caught the attention of popular incumbent Jack Ramsay and he's not going down without a fight. Rachel's bid for re-election gets a boost when she attends a rival's campaign event.

Episode 4

It's the day of the election - Alex and her team make a final push to win over the voters of Freeman, but a family emergency sends the campaign into chaos. With Alex's chances dashed, Rachel takes matters into her own hands.

Episode 5

The high stakes horse-trading begins in Canberra as Alex and a small group of Independents meet to decide the future of the nation. With bigger threats looming, Alex and Rachel will need to find a way to trust each other.

Episode 6

Alex is on the cusp of rewriting history when the forces of violence and reaction make one last bloody attempt to stop her.


Deborah Mailman - Alex Irving
Rachel Griffiths - Rachel Anderson
Alex Dimitriades - strategist Nick Pearce
Rob Collins - Alex' brother Charlie
Wes Patten
Anthony Hayes
William McInnes
Huw Higginson
Lisa Flanagan
Steph Tisdell (her first dramatic role)
Wayne Blair (who also directs all six episodes)
Rob Carlton Dimitriades
Daniela Farinacci
Colin Friels
Harry Greenwood
Benedict Hardie
Brenna Harding
Anita Hegh
Vico Thai
Release dates
7 November 2021 - Australia (on ABC)
MA 15+ - Mature accompanied
Blackfella Films

Total Control Series 2 was filmed in Canberra, Sydney and regional Queensland.

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