Top End Wedding


Top End Wedding begins in 1976 on the Tiwi Islands. Aboriginal lawyer Lauren from Sydney is engaged to fellow lawyer and Englishman Ned. Lauren returns to Darwin to organise a surprise wedding for her Aboriginal mother and white father.

But her mother Daffy has mysteriously disappeared, leaving a cryptic note and her mobile phone, while father Trevor is making a habit of spending time alone.

Lauren and Ned have only 10 days to follow her faint trail and find her somewhere in the remote far north of Australia and to pull off their wedding amid the chaos.

Top End Wedding is a charming and funny cross-cultural romantic comedy which deals with love and family and second chances.

The SMH marvels that Top End Weeding is "a bit of a Trojan horse for a representation of Indigenous culture that is likely to surprise and delight anyone who comes to it with an open heart."

And if you are waiting until the end you'll learn what to do with your "kurrawa".

In its final third, [Top End Wedding] becomes something else entirely, a beautiful, genuinely moving story about reconnection to family and culture.

— Sydney Morning Herald



Miranda Tapsell - Lauren
Gwilym Lee- Ned
Kerry Fox- Hampton
Huw Higginson - Trevor Ford
Shari Sebbens - Ronelle
Taylor Wiese - Alex
Tracy Mann - Annie
Travis Jeffery - Young Trevor Ford
Ursula Yovich - Daffy Ford
Atmiya Patel - Airport / Nightclub Extra Crew
Matt Crook - Robbie
Dalara Williams - Kailah
Elaine Crombie - Dana
Nick Buckland - French Client
Release dates
30 January 2019 - World premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Utah, USA
April 2019 - Australian premiere in Adelaide
2 May 2019 - National release
G - general

Shot on location in the Tiwi Islands.

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