Septembers of Shiraz


During the first months after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, wealthy Jewish Iranian gemologist Isaac Amin is suddenly arrested at his office in Tehran by the Revolutionary Guards who take him to prison.

During his prison days, he meets fellow prisoners of different backgrounds, who are tortured and finally prosecuted. In interrogation sessions, his interrogator Mohsen, once torturing him with a lit cigarette and having him lashed, refers to the injustice of being affluent and to the justice that the revolution is bringing to the oppressed.

After the guards scare him by putting him before a firing squad and shooting around his body, he says to Mohsen that he has realised the truth and is ready to pay all his savings as his debt to the revolution. After emptying his bank account, Mohsen declares him free and leaves him alone in the street.

Isaac goes to his office, now deserted, and recovers a hidden pack of diamonds from behind of a brick in the wall. As he prepares to leave, he sees Morteza, a former employee of the office and son of their housekeeper, who has already directed the stealing of his gems and office equipment, wandering in the corridor.

Mohsen asks for more and shows him a letter of compliment that Empress Farah had written to him, to blackmail him. Issac tells him that he is now a contributor to the revolution and can eliminate Morteza by a single phone call. Morteza leaves. 

Issac refers to a human smuggler and pays him the diamond so he will smuggle them out of Iran. In the meantime, Morteza gives the letter to Mohsen at a Revolutionary Guards office and leaves.

When alone, Mohsen reflects over the letter and burns it. In a night journey on horseback and through forest, Isaac and his family make it to the other side of the border.



Adrien Brody - Isaac
Salma Hayek - Farnaz
Shohreh Aghdashloo - Habibeh
Anthony Azizi - Mehdi
Bashar Rahal - Komiteh Member
Alon Aboutboul - Mohsen
Wadih Dona - Rostam
Nasser Memarzia - Mansoor
Navid Navid - Morteza
Velislav Pavlov - Hossein
Jamie Ward - Parviz Amin
Ariana Molkara - Shirin
Release dates
15 September 2015 - World premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival
24 June 2016 - USA
Video/DVD release date
9 November 2016
M - Mature
Momentum Pictures
Mark Isham

Based on Dalia Sofer's 2007 novel The Septembers of Shiraz.

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