Mystery Road (TV series, Season 2)


A headless corpse is found drifting in the mangroves. The trail leads Detective Swan (a man of few words in a big cowboy hat), who has just arrived in the middle of nowhere, and his young colleague Fran, into the world of narcotics.

In addition, the pair has to contend with protests led by Fran’s sister against the excavation of an Aboriginal sacred site. Then another body appears.

Detective Jay Swan takes on a grisly case in order to be closer to his family, but has he left it too late? Are both incidents the same case, a new one or a very old one?

Jay must reconcile the law and deep lore and confront a dangerous enemy in a world where deception is king.

The second season of the Australian series continues – independently of Season 1 – the story of the Aboriginal policeman Swan and skilfully depicts the Australian outback as a place of otherworldly beauty and disturbing brutality, where family secrets and old colonial conflicts are inexorably intertwined.

2020 Top Australian Adult TV Drama Series on Free-to-air


Episode guide

Episode 1

A decapitated body washes up in the mangroves, drawing Jay Swan to the furtive township of Gideon. It seems drug-related but is it also familiar? Partnered with local cop, Fran, Jay must unlock what the community knows.

Episode 2

Jay and Fran have Dylan on the hook until a local businessman steps in and bails him out. Jay takes matters into his own hands to rectify the situation. Fran's world comes crashing down as a long-held fear suddenly surfaces.

Episode 3

Struggling with Mary's new relationship, Jay reluctantly uses Simon's help to narrow in on the drugs and murder investigation. With the discovery of the bones, Fran is determined to reopen Zoe's case on her own.

Episode 4

With the case apparently solved Jay is being encouraged to leave town, but something isn't adding up. Jay begins to question the motives of all those around him. Fran is dealt another blow in the search for justice for Zoe.

Episode 5

Now in danger, Mary must lean into Jay for help. Jay struggles to keep Mary safe as the threat closes in on both of them. Fran feels betrayed as she digs deeper into Zoe's disappearance.

Episode 6

Jay is lured into a trap to rescue Mary and an epic gun battle erupts. Will Jay be able to survive this and serve justice? Fran finally gets answers about Zoe and some closure, but it won't be in the form she expects.

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Aaron Pedersen - Jay Swan
Tasma Walton - Mary
Tasia Zalar - Shevorne
Sofia Helin - Professor Claire Sims
Eve Morey
Jada Alberts - Fran
Callan Mulvey - Simon
Rob Collins - Amos
Ngaire Pigram - Leonie
Mark Mitchinson
Ursula Yovich
Rhimi Johnson - Philip
Gary Sweet - Tony
Fletcher Humphrys - Dylan
Erroll Shand - Erroll Campbell
Joel Jackson
John Brumpton
Tasia Zalar
Stan Yarramunua - Jimmy
Myles Pollard - Dominic
Release dates
25 February 2020 – World Premiere at the Berlinale 2020, Berlin, Germany
19 April 2020 – TV premiere on ABC television
M - Mature

Filmed on location in Western Australia’s Dampier Peninsular and Broome (Yawuru, Bardi Jawi and Nyikina Mangala lands).

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