A remote desert mining town is a hive for the last vampire stronghold shipped from Britain to Australia with convicts in 1788 by the colonial superpower to eradicate the First Nations populations.

Sheltering from the sun in the underground mines and tunnels that surround the town until the present day, the colony’s numbers and hunger is growing. War is coming.

Vampire hunters Tyson and Shanika stand vanguard to the war and are the only ones who stand in the way of the vampire colony’s growing power and are able to save their people.

But what hope does an expertly reckless man full of bravado and a 17-year-old orphan possibly have to defeat these vicious blood-thirsty parasites, when legions of warriors before them have failed?

Firebite is themed around colonisation in Australia, but uses humour to get its message across. At the heart of it is a family story: Tyson is a kind of father figure to Shanika, whose parents were killed by vampires.

"How do you kill ’em?" – "Boomerang to the heart."

— Dialogue in Firebite


Episode guide

Episode 1: Pest Control

When a First Nations man is kidnapped by vampires and a traditional vampire hunter goes missing, renegade fighters Tyson and Shanika realise there's some serious trouble going on in their town and they're the only ones that can help their community.

Episode 2: The Last Blood Hunter

After finding the missing Blood Hunter and saving his life, Tyson and Shanika learn that the Vampire King has arrived in town. But after finding out about Tyson's past, Shanika starts questioning the truth about the night her mother went missing.

Episode 3: We Don't Go Down

Tyson and Shanika arrive home to find Jalingbirri dead and their home destroyed by the Vampire King. Tyson wants to run. but Shanika vows to go down in the tunnels to find out if her mother is alive and being kept as a bleeder.

Episode 4: Vampire Mythology Bulls**t

Shanika jumps down into the mining shafts by herself and realises how much danger she's put herself in when she finds the vampire lair. Tyson scrambles to find Shanika. The Vampire King thwarts their rescue attempt of Shanika's mother Rona.

Episode 5: I Wanna Go Home

Having survived the fight of their lives against the King, Shanika and Tyson's lives are torn apart when child services arrive. Tyson's attempts to win Shanika back are sidelined when Eleona the barmaid reveals herself as a vampire.

Episode 6: The Bastard King

Tyson reunites with Shanika after a vampire attacks her. Learning that Eleona could help lead them to her Mum, Shanika makes a decision to go back down to the lair with Tyson. But with Tyson and Shanika gone, the Vampire King attacks the community.

Episode 7: Hero's Life

Survivors of the community reel from the Vampire King's attack as Tyson and Shanika are trapped and chained in the lair with hope fading fast. Eleona faces off with the King and Tyson makes the ultimate sacrifice to free Shanika.

Episode 8: The Rise Of The Fallen

Shanika emerges from the collapsed tunnel with her mother. With Rona safe and alive, Shanika goes on the hunt and storms the pub to fight Eleona only to find herself outnumbered and up against a rabid and wild newly turned vampire Tyson.


Rob Collins - Tyson
Callan Mulvey - Vampire king
Shantae Barnes-Cowan - Shanika
Jai Koutrae - Spud
Thibul Nettle - Froggy
Yael Stone
Release dates
16 December 2021 – Premiere on AMC+ (American video on demand streaming service), then weekly episodes
M - Mature

Shot on location in Coober Pedy and featuring an all-Australian music soundtrack.

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