Jasper Jones


Jasper Jones is a coming-of-age story that follows 14-year-old Charlie Bucktin over the summer of 1965, as he gets caught up in the aftermath of a murder and small-town racism when a troublemaking boy, the titular Jasper Jones, summons him to the scene of a terrible crime.

Charlie Bucktin is surprised to see the rebellious Aboriginal boy Jasper Jones outside his window late at night asking for his help. Together they walk through the quiet town of Corrigan in Australia into the dense forest where Jasper leads Charlie to a glade.

It is here they discover that a terrible crime has happened and the two work together to solve the mystery and make things right in this frightened town whilst uncovering more than just the truth.

Charlie, lured by adventure and mystery, experiences the trials of teenage love and discovers what it means to be truly courageous.

The production credits for Jasper Jones read like a who's who of contemporary Australian film making.—ABC News


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Author Craig Silvey talks about his journey from penning the book to developing the screenplay, and director Rachel Perkins describes how the story struck a chord with her and how she expects it to travel in the film world.


Hugo Weaving - Mad Jack Lionel
Toni Collette - Ruth Bucktin, Charlie's mother
Levi Miller - Charlie Bucktin
Matt Nable - Sarge
Dan Wyllie - Wes Bucktin, Charlie's dad
Angourie Rice - Eliza Wishart
Myles Pollard - Pete Wishart
Aaron L. McGrath - Jasper Jones
Susan Prior - Gwyn Wishart
Ferdinand Hoang - An Lu
Wilson Moore - Warwick Trent
Cooper van Grootel - Batsman
Release dates
2 March 2017 - Australia
M - Mature

This is the movie adaptation of Fremantle author Craig Silvey’s best-selling Australian novel, Jasper Jones.

The film was shot in Pemberton, a tiny town 4 hours south from Perth, WA.

Website: jasperjonesfilm.com

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