Total Control (Series 1)


The captivating drama series Total Control (working title was Black B*tch) is a story of high stakes ambition, betrayal and treachery, playing out in the nation’s capital.

When Alex Irving, a charismatic and contradictory Aboriginal woman, is thrust into the national limelight after a horrific event, Australia’s embattled Prime Minister Rachel Anderson, sees a publicity goldmine for her party.

In a bold power play, she handpicks Alex for the Senate. But Alex wants to be more than just a political stunt: she wants to make a difference.

So, when the Prime Minister's cynical calculations betray her, Alex sets out for revenge that will send the political establishment into meltdown.

The story continues in Series 2.


Episode guide

Episode 1

Alex, a fearless Aboriginal senator, barely weeks into her political career in Canberra, and betrayed at the highest level, must seek redemption and settle a score against the party, and the Prime Minister of Australia.

Episode 2

Alex proves her worth to the government, brokering a difficult deal between native title holders and the government. Meanwhile JC hitch-hikes across the country in an effort to meet Alex.

Episode 3

As Alex works around the clock to get the community's deal before the Senate, there is opposition within the party and the PM barely holds onto her leadership. With JC almost in reach, Alex is faced with a tragedy at home.

Episode 4

Alex is struck low by grief and the betrayal of her and the community. When she discovers the extent of the PM's deception, she resolves to return to Canberra. But this time she won't be playing by the rules.

Episode 5

Back in Canberra, Alex and the PM embark on a game of political cat and mouse. Alex knows the only person who can help her now is JC, but when they finally arrange to meet, JC gets spooked and runs.

Episode 6

In pursuit of justice for JC, Alex declares war on her party. Faced with the PM's double dealing, she engineers a plan that could have catastrophic consequences for the government.


Deborah Mailman - Alex Irving
Rachel Griffiths - Rachel Anderson
Harry Richardson - Jonathan Cosgrove
Rob Collins - Charlie Irving
Shantae Barnes-Cowan - Jess Clarke (JC)
Aaron Pederson - Tom Campbell Jnr
Anthony Hayes - Damian Bauer
Celia Ireland - Tracey Helliar
Wesley Patten - Eddie Irving
Huw Higginson - Peter Solomon
William McInnes - Laurie Martin
David Roberts - Kevin Cartwright
Trisha Morton-Thomas - Jan Irving
Rhys Muldoon - Interviewer
Adele Perovic - Jillian Morell
James Sweeny - Christopher Bingham
Pearl Eatts - Gladys Gibson
Gibson John - Tom Campbell Snr
Tony Barry - Phillip Anderson
Rose Riley - Daphne Howard
Nicholas Hammond - Mitch Rumboldt
Joslin Eatts - Brumby Dibby
Val Weldon - Marcie Maclean
Lisa "Pinky" Johnson - Patsy
Mia Evans - Young woman
Luke Carroll
Sacha Horler
Release dates
13 October 2019: Premiere on ABC and iView
MA 15+ - Mature accompanied
Blackfella Films
Antony Partos, Matteo Zingales

Filmed in Canberra, Far North Queensland and Sydney.

Total Control is the first Australian television series selected for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Vocals and lyrics by Missy Higgins.

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