Confessions of a Headhunter


In Perth, there is a bronze statue of the Noongar resistance fighter Yagan, whose head was sent to England after he was killed by white settlers, in 1833.

In 1997, his head was repatriated to Australia; soon after, a vandal used an angle grinder to behead the statue. It was repaired, but later beheaded again.

The 1997 beheading inspired Aboriginal writer Archie Weller to write a short story which Sally Riley turned into Confessions of a Headhunter.

In the film, two Noongar men – Frank and Vinnie – travel across the country and seek revenge for the repeated beheading of the statue of their ancestor warrior Yagan.

They are taking off the heads of every bronze colonial statue they find, and finally melt them down to create a sculpture of an Aboriginal mother and her children looking out to sea at Botany Bay, where Captain Cook landed.

Based on Archie Weller’s story, this short drama speaks about the conflict between the Aboriginal people of the Perth area and colonial culture.


Kelton Pell - Vinnie
Bruce Hutchison - Frank
John Gregg
Morton Hansen
Matt Potter
Winner of Cinema Nova Award of the Australian Film Institute for Best Short Fiction Film.

Confessions of a Headhunter is based on a short story of Koori man Archie Weller.

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