Fly Peewee Fly


Six year old Robbie lives with his white grandmother and his Koorie father (when he is around). Sick and tired of his father and grandmother arguing over his identity, Robbie walks outside to climb his favourite tree only to find that his friend, the peewee bird, has been mauled to death by his cat.

Angry with himself for not protecting the peewee, Robbie stays in the tree for hours. When Robbie explains to his father why he is disappointed with himself, Robbie’s father realises how much he has let his son down by failing to fulfill his role as a father.


Stan Dryden - Billy
Duane Johnston - Robbie
Faye Montgomery - May
Release dates
1995 - Australia
Sally Riley's Fly Peewee Fly was nominated for the 1996 Australian Writers Guild Awgie Awards.
G - general
Australian Film Institute
Jim Conway, Leroy Cummings, Jan Preston

This short film is part of the series “From Sand to Celluloid”. Other shorts in this series are “Black Man Down”, “No Way to Forget”, “Payback”, “Round Up” and “Two Bob Mermaid”.

Sally Riley is a woman from the Wiradjuri Indigenous Peoples.

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