Josh lives in an urban flat. He's a member of the Stolen Generations and has never met or talked to his mother.

This day, however, he's got the possibility to call her, a step which is not easy to take. A thought-provoking film.

Director Jacob Nash about his film: "Blood Lines, an autobiographical story, is about the moments in life when you are in a state of flux, a state of limbo, a state of waiting. You have put yourself into a position of no return and what will happen after that point is left open only to fate.

"I wanted to create a world that takes the audience to the centre of the moment and lets the audience journey with the character.

"During the moments when a person is in a state of 'limbo', caught between the now and the future, time slows down, and the rest of world becomes irrelevant. These life changing moments are rare, unscripted and from this you can find strength, identity and yourself." [[#1]]


Kirk Page - Josh
Release dates
May 5, 2007 - Australia (World premiere on the Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival)
Video/DVD release date
2007, Bit of Black Business
G - general
David Page

The film is the Jacob Nash's own story who one day called his mother for the first time.

In Bloodline's end credits Jacob Nash thanks his 'mums' which indicates that he grew up with a foster family and is a member of the Stolen Generations.

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