Mirror Images


Mirror Images looks at domestic violence and alcoholism in an Aboriginal family.

The film is a short drama that captures the story from the angle of the abuser then within this situation explores the emotion and reasoning behind why he abuses his family.

“I was looking in the mirror the other day and I saw him… I saw the wreck that he had become and then I saw Jimmy.”

“A boy’s innocence is torn between his mother and father. A mother’s love for her family is torn between her son’s future and husband’s present. A father’s past has torn him from his family. “


Aaron Pedersen
Margaret Harvey
Richard Frankland
Cain Archibold
Suzi Dougherty
Release dates
2001 - Australia
Best Film - 2001 RMIT Video Production Awards
Best Film - 'Love your work' Open Channel Film Competition
Best Film - 'Altered States' Mushroom Pictures film competition

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Mirror Images aimed to raise the awareness to the issues and the causes and affects pertaining to domestic violence not only within Indigenous families and to provide the opportunity for the film to be used as an educational tool within both the Indigenous and wider community.

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