Successful authoress Beatrice Lynn is commissioned by her publisher to go to the Outback and locate the legendary white man, Mala, who heads an Aboriginal tribe.

Travelling by camel, she is abducted by an Afghan, Akbar Jhan, and his group of Aboriginal people who provide pituri, a narcotic, to Aboriginal communities.

Previously not allowed into Mala’s tribal land to sell his wares, Akbar Jhan has schemed to use Beatrice, a white woman, to arouse Mala’s interest.

Meanwhile the Australian Mounted Police has its hands full with a missing Inspector, an international drug ring and a tribe of hostile Aboriginal people led by the savage Moopil who have killed two prospectors, as well as searching for the missing Beatrice.

Mara buys Beatrice from the Afghans and falls in love with her. The two grow to fall in love.


Margot Rhys - Beatrice Lynn
Dennis Hoey - Mara the White Chief
Ashton Jarry - The Mounted Policeman - posing as Akbar Jhan the White Slaver
Marcelle Marnay - Sondra the Half-Caste
Kenneth Brampton - Trask the Opium Smuggler
Victor Fitzherbert - John Hemmingway, publisher
Edward Howell - Vitchi the Witch Doctor
Edward Sylveni - Salter
Frank Dwyer - Bloom, a prospector
Rita Aslim - Nardin
John Fernside - Captain
Jessica Malone - Hemmingway's Secretary
Richard Mazar - Tong
Z. Gee - Tiki
David McNiven
Norman Rutledge
Release dates
1936 - Australia
M - Mature
Lindley Evans

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