The Naked Country


Based on a novel by Morris West, The Naked Country is a classic American cowboy tale set in Australia’s exotic outback, with the Aboriginal people pitted against a rancher, Lance Dillon because he is on their land.

After a renegade Aboriginal man, Mundara, kills Lance’s newly purchased Brahma bull and a ranch hand who gets involved, Mundara spears the fleeing Lance in the shoulder but does not catch up with him to finish the job.

The story of Lance’s survival is the focus of The Naked Country, along with a parallel story of his wife Mary temporarily falling for Lance’s opposite, Sgt. Neil Adams. Incredibly, the wounded Lance manages to fend off and kill three healty Aborginal men.

The characters of Lance, Adams and Mundara are contrasted against a setting of conflict that escalates out of control.


Stanton, John
Rebecca Gilling
Ivor Kants
Tommy Lewis
Simon Chilvers
John Jarratt
Neela Dey
Hector Thomas
Donald Blitner
Kevin McKellar
Marlene Bell
Malcolm Cork
Michael Cockatoo
Release dates
1993 - Australia (other sources say 1984, 1985, 1987)
Video/DVD release date
Video: 1 September 1993; DVD: 5 September 2005
M - Mature
Filmways Australasian Distributors

The Naked Country is based on a novel by Morris West (fiction, 1960, published under the pseudonym “Michael East”).

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