Come Out Fighting


Al 'The Bomb' Dawson is caught between his Aboriginal friends, fight promoters, and students campaigning for Aboriginal rights.

Unable to resolve the conflicting forces around him, Al walks away from all of them, in the process losing the chance for a shot at the world welterweight title fight.

One moment he's hitch-hiking with a mate, the next he's gone.

Featuring some fine performances, the film's greatest asset is its unflinching and unsentimental gaze on the difficulties Aboriginal people must face in Australian society.


Michael Karpaney - Al Dawson
Joey Collins - Eddie
Bethany Lee - Susan Parker
Cliff Neate - Stan Harkness
Peter Green - Rocky Garibaldi
Bob Horsfall - Phil Bench
Brian Torrens - Carl Price
Peter Adams - Garry Day
Martin Phelan - student
Harry Williams - aboriginal drinker
Max Pescud - trainer
Bert Williams - Aboriginal drinker
Kris McQuade - Sporting World hostess
John Jacobs - trainer
John Duigan - student
Release dates
20 July 1973 - Australia
Joint winner of the 1973 Benson & Hedges fiction award at the 1973 Sydney Film Festival.

Come Out Fighting is based on a play by Harry Martin.

Karpaney had been a professional boxer, and so the film features some credible ring action.

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