Over d-fence


Over d-fence is a parody of Neighbours, Australia's longest-running TV drama. Over d-fence takes you into Deacon's outdoor domestic environment cleverly revealing that the backyard is no longer a haven or sanctuary.

The film depicts an Indigenous man sitting in his backyard chatting to two black dolls. When a nosy neighbour tries to sell him some religious magazines and he refuses, she accuses him of being drunk.

The cast of Over d-fence play a game of dismantling a pyramid of beer cans, while masks are placed on children as endless scenes of alienation unfold. There is a sense of absurdity in Deacon's racy humour and high melodrama.

Partly scripted and partly improvised, there is yelling, jeering and black dolls pushed along the pavement in fluorescent pink prams. Some sequences are slowed down to a groan and repeated in order to emphasise this hostile atmosphere.


Release dates
2004 - Australia
PG - Parental guidance

Destiny Deacon's cast involved many family members.

Destiny Deacon was born in 1957 and comes from the KuKu (Far-North Queensland) and Erub/Mer (Torres Strait) peoples. She is a visual artist who lives in Melbourne.

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