Mixed Bag


Mixed Bag tells the story of a city woman who has ventured out west to be witness to the birth of her grandchild. On the last leg of her journey distraction sets in and she hits a kangaroo. She has to pull into the next township which happens to be Brewarrina (Queensland).

While the woman’s car is being fixed she takes relief from the summer heat by visiting the public pool, but her relief is short lived when her money goes missing. She instantly suspects a young Aboriginal girl but she has no proof.

She later realises that her dangerous assumption was totally wrong which opens her up for change as she leaves town.

Mixed Bag explores ideas about racial stereotyping, prejudice and mistrust in a way that is humorous and through the visually rich landscape and people of the Brewarrina area.

Still image from 'Mixed Bag' showing the woman sitting in the grass with an Aboriginal girl next to her. Still image from 'Mixed Bag'. As the woman notices that her money is missing she suspects the Aboriginal girl of the theft.


Anna-Maria Winchester
Brooke Rose
Philippe O'Connor
Robert Wright
Release dates
29 February 2008 - Australia (Brewarrina)
Montreal World Film Festival 2008 - Official Selection

Mixed Bag is told as a narrative drama.

Mixed Bag was shot in Brewarrina (650km south-west of Brisbane, Queensland) and involved a strong body of students from the Brewarrina Central School, as well as ‘known identities’ from around town.

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