Unfinished Business


Unfinished Business is a short film that chronicles the consequences of giving away an Aboriginal child, and how it impacts on the grown child, his white mother and Aboriginal father. It spears at the heart of similar issues tied up with the Stolen Generations.

Unfinished Business follows two stories concurrently. Sean, whose father is Aboriginal, is determined to find his white mother despite the discouragement of Jeremy, a social worker.

At the same time we see the unfolding of Jeremy’s mother’s life as a young girl who, while growing up in a small country town, has a clandestine relationship with an Aboriginal man.

Thanks to Yaja Nowakowski for bringing this film to my attention.


Aaron Pedersen - Sean
Ernie Dingo - Jeremy
Suzi Doughty
Tamsin Ramsay
Robbie Patten
Monica Maugham
Robert Essex
Shane Bourne
Chris Connelly
Special Commendation for a Short Film - St. Kilda Film Festival 2000 Awards
Erwin Rado Memorial Scholarship for Special Achievement In 1999

An Australian of Irish heritage, Pamela Donnellan, wrote and directed Unfinished Business for her BA with the Victorian College of the Arts.

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