Shifting Shelter 3


Ivan Sen interviewed four then teenagers in small towns in north western NSW over a period of ten years - in 1995, 2000 and 2005. This feature documentary follows Willy, Cindy, Danielle and Ben through a vital period in their lives, the transition from a teenager into a young adult.

While the young teenagers see a world open to them and light-heartedly share their many dreams, five years on many things have changed. Some wish they could turn back the clock as they experience first personal disappointments. Some dreams are on a knife-edge or already given up. The girls "find out" that that they are pregnant. A baby is given away.

It is captivating with how much honesty these young people share their life. It's a movie about hopes, disappointments, drugs, single motherhood, domestic violence, trust, fears, prison, suicide attempts, loss of loved ones, responsibility and, ultimately, love.

A strong and powerful movie, not only because the subjects are Indigenous, rather because these young people could have been me and you.


Release dates
May 13th, 2006 - Australia
World premiere at the Indigenous Arts Festival, Sydney.
M - Mature

Ivan Sen produced Shifting Shelter 1 in 1995 while still at film school.

The predecessor is called Shifting Shelter 2 and was produced in 2000, running time 30 minutes.

Ivan Sen about the Shifting Shelter series: "I never meant these films to be political. These issues come up because of who they are and where they are from. I don't make this stuff up for the fun of it. It is a living, breathing part of people's lives, not issues to be just kicked around."

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