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Shifting Shelter is a groundbreaking 15-year documentary study of the lives of four young Aboriginal people in rural north-west New South Wales.

For 15 years Ivan Sen has documenting the lives of four young people in north west NSW. Cindy Peterson, Ben Ballangarry, Danielle Waters and Willy Lamb were Aboriginal teenagers full of life, hopes and dreams in Shifting Shelter 1.

In the next instalment Shifting Shelter 2, they were in their early 20’s had moved out of home and had found the party scene.

In Shifting Shelter 3 they were approaching 30 and had started losing their parents and raising their own children.

Now in the coming visit, we will meet the four in their mid 30’s with growing families and in a reflective state that offers viewers a powerfully poignant social document.

Adopting an understated documentary style much like in the seminal “Seven Up” series, Ivan Sen has allowed these four personalities to deliver a very personal testimony that is as poignant and compelling as it is insightful. As such, the Shifting Shelter series is an important social document that illuminates the lives of young Aboriginal people in Australia.

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Cindy Peterson
Ben Ballangarry
Danielle Waters
Willy Lamb
Release dates
2011 - Australia


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