Dreaming Of Lords


Dreaming Of Lords is a film of the 1988 pilgrimage to the home of cricket, Lords in England, by 17 Aboriginal cricketers exactly 120 years after their predecessors in 1868 and pays tribute to that.

Hosted by Aboriginal man Ernie Dingo it takes in matches at The Oval, Old Trafford with a number of English county teams and a number of celebrated cricketers such as Clive Lloyd, Ian Chappell, Dennis Lillee, Dean Jones and the late great commentator John Arlott.

A number of rock star celebrities are throwing their enthusiasm and time into the journey: Jimmy Barnes, Bill Wyman, Michael Hutchence, David Essex not to mention Glen Eller of rugby fame and a couple of ex prime ministers in John Howard and Bob Hawke.

The film has been made with great warmth and humour and is a extraordinary story of two tours to England by our Aboriginal cricketers.

It seemed a story that it was such a great one, but it's not celebrated. No one can take away that awesome experience and the history we created.

— Mark Manion, producer of Dreaming of Lords


Ernie Dingo - Presenter
Release dates
Video/DVD release date
28 August 2009
G - general
Shock Records

Dreaming of Lords is sometimes wrongly written as Dreaming of the Lords.

Ernie Dingo is also co-writer of this film.

The documentary was filmed over two years at more than 100 locations in Australia and England.

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