Transblack (Season 1)


Transblack presents documentaries that follow the day to day lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island transgender men and women, and how they changed perceptions of themselves and those closest to them. So, what happens after you ‘come out’?

Episode guide

Episode 1: Max

Max seeks acceptance from trans and indigenous communities, which aren't always cohesive. Through his final stages of transition into manhood, Max investigates the possibility of being initiated through Aboriginal ceremony and playing the didgeridoo.

Episode 2: Nastasia

Proud Maori and Aboriginal trans woman, Nastasia, finds that even with a great support network of friends and family, one must love themselves in order for others to love them back.

Episode 3: Jeremy

After undergoing a FTM transition, Jeremy witnesses and experiences male privilege as a man, which is at odds with his ideals. Jeremy learns how to navigate through the world as a man without letting go of his morals and principles.

Episode 4: Sammy

Growing up in Rockhampton, Sammy fell victim to homophobia at a young age. After moving to Sydney, she realised that she was actually a woman. Now in her twenties, Sammy revisits Rockhampton to reminisce on what's made her the strong woman she is today.


Jeremy Anderson
Nastasia Crowe-Bardell
Sammy Doku
Max Lyons
Release dates
25 February 2018 - Australia
PG - Parental guidance

Available on ABC iView.

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Harvard citation

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