The documentary Larapinta shares its name with the oldest river in the world (also known as The Finke River), which runs through the heart of Central Australia.

How do we live in harmony with the environment and what can we learn from the land’s traditional custodians?

The Larapinta (Finke River) is also home to the oldest culture in the world and its past, present and future is a story about culture, environment, art, climate change, totems and song lines.

Host Talia Liddle, an Arrernte, Luritja and Pertame woman, returns to her country along Larapinta, taking viewers on an intimate and engaging journey. Along the way she will meet local characters, scientists, rangers, traditional owners, artists, historians, archaeologists and palaeontologists all of whom will bring knowledge and stories of this mighty river.

We're taught about the Nile and the Amazon yet few people know about Central Australia’s lifeline and artery.

— Michaela Perske, producer of Larapinta


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