No Apologies Required


In 2010 Kyah Simon and Lydia Williams, became the first two Aboriginal women to win international football honours when both were part of the Matildas' victorious 2010 Asia Cup campaign. They went on to make it to the 2011 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

One learnt her A’s and B’s in the back of the family van as they travelled across the outback, the other attended a private school. One is a goal keeper and the other is a striker.

The filmmakers hope to weave this dichotomy of tales into their story and find out more about how the women made it onto the biggest football stage there is, the World Cup.

"Calling the documentary 'No Apologies' we wanted to show that these girls have made it to the very pinnacle in their sport, and there is no need for apologies, they have done it their way, with the support of their families and other people," explains director Ashley Morrison.


Release dates
2012 - Australia

No Apologies Required is an independently self-funded documentary.

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