My Brother Vinnie


Aaron and Vinnie Pedersen are two brothers who have been each others shadow. Aaron, 35, has established a successful career as an actor, all the while being responsible for the care of Vinnie, 34, who has mild intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy.

This responsibility is a big challenge in the absence of professional support. "They just don't write books on this stuff," says Aaron.

The documentary is written by Aaron, who has been the principal carer for Vinnie since early childhood. Aaron frankly recalls the burdens when he remembers nightmares of domestic violence. Life with Vinnie hasn't always been easy, says Aaron, and "sometimes in the heat of the battle you don't see the beauty," he admits.

But the film also celebrates the strength of the bond that the two brothers share and have come to rely on since the death of their grandmother.

My Brother Vinnie is not a story specifically about Indigenous people. It intimately explores a relationship full of humour and charm, the characters will touch you with their wit and honesty as they could in any other relationship.


Release dates
May 13th, 2006 - Australia
World premiere at the Indigenous Arts Festival, Sydney.
G - general

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Harvard citation

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