In a League Of Their Own


On the Tiwi Islands, just north of Darwin, Australian Rules is a religion. In a League Of Their Own is a three-part series that celebrates the passion and the brand of the all-Aboriginal Tiwi Bombers as they join the highly competitive Northern Territory Football League.

This documentary aims to follow the team's first season, revealing not just the players' energetic and entertaining brand of footy, but the hopes and dreams of a disadvantaged island community striving to win.

Episode 1: The Tiwi Brand

The Tiwi Brand celebrates the passion of the Tiwi Island players and fans and their struggle over 30 years to have their own team in the Darwin competition.

Episode 2: Top of the Ladder

The Tiwi Bombers are riding high after a run of wins that has put them at the top of the ladder. Their reputation for fast, intuitive football has seen them take on the best that the Darwin competition has to offer and walk away with easy victories.

But an unexpected side effect of their long winning streak becomes evident as discipline lapses with poor attendance at training and a number of players, including the leadership group, breaking their commitment to manage their alcohol use and abstain from drugs.

Episode 3: The Finals

A crisis looms large when the Bombers' previous invincibility eludes them. Too much drinking and not turning up for training has seen them slide from the unbeatable dream team to a ragged mob struggling to hold on to their spot in the finals.

When the Bombers make it to the second round of the finals, their coaching staff, their supporters and their families are all on the edge of their seats wondering if the can pull off the dream of making it to the grand final in their first year of competition.

It's a hair-rising ride and at the end of the day the players are the only ones who can determine their fate.

On the Tiwi Islands where every child learns the basic skills of the [Australian Rules] game before they learn to speak.

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Thomas Simon - Co-Captain, narrator
Edward Darcy - Co-Captain
Brenton Toy - General Manager, Assistant Coach
Valarie Tambling
Mathew Shields
Michael Graham
Lorna Goodman
Isaac Pamkal
Topsy Phillips
Release dates
March 2009 - Australia (ABC screening)
Video/DVD release date
PG - Parental guidance
Ronin Films


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