Big Name No Blanket


The charismatic and inspirational frontman of the Warumpi Band, George Rrurrambu Burarrawanga, hailed from Elcho Island, off the coast of Arnhem Land.

Popularly known for his energetic stage performances and charismatic character, his fans revered him as the ‘black Mick Jagger’.

George moved to Papunya (northwest of Alice) to get married and joined Sammy Butcher, his brother-in-law, in a band named after a small local community and honey-ant dreaming site.

With Sammy on guitar, his brother Gordon on drums and songwriter Neil Murray, they took to the road.

The first musicians ever to release a pop record in an Aboriginal language - 'Jailanguru Pakarnu' or 'Out of Jail' - they rocked Australia from the Centre out in the '80s.

He left a legacy that changed the face of Aboriginal music, uniting his own people and promoting reconciliation. George Rrurrambu died a rock and roll legend in 2007 and there is no other quite like him. For the first time, this is his story.

Steven McGregor’s impressive documentary, filled with interviews, clips and scorching music, follows George’s story, from his island home to his premature demise.



Release dates
15 June 2013 - World premiere at the Sydney Film Festival
M - Mature
Night Sky Films

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