Courting with Justice


Courting with Justice tells the story of a former Norseman pub manager who is charged with the manslaughter of Kevin Rule, a member of the Aboriginal Ngadju Nation, but later found not guilty.

The dead man’s partner, Daniella Borg, feels the Australian judicial system has not provided her with justice. Daniella decides to have a retrial. This time it is to be set on Kevin’s lands, within the framework of the oldest law in the land. The case is going before an Indigenous customary law court.

Courting with Justice poses a challenging question: What if the Australian legal system was based on Indigenous Australian customary law?

Thanks to Taylor Media’s Serah Kinuthia for providing some missing details.


Daniella Borg
Roy Billing
Libby Carmody
Darcy Harris
Release dates
Video/DVD release date
EnhaceTV Atom Award Finalist - Best Indigenous Resource (2008)
Official finalist at the Canada International Film Festival (2009)
Taylor Media,

Courting With Justice featured at the following festivals: Message Stick Festival (2008); Brisbane International Film Festival (2008) and FIFO 6th Pacific International Documentary Film Festival (2009).

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