Our Footprint (Series 3)


Stories of our country by our Elders. Elders to be interviewed on country and reminisce, whether about a dreamtime story or a birthing place area, or a memory of the old homestead and/or mission, this is about our elders sharing their memories and country.

Aboriginal directors are marked with an asterisk (*).

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Charlie Chambers

Uncle Charlie Chambers was born in Cherbourg Aboriginal settlement in 1936. As a teenager he realised all he wanted to be was a drover, to do that he only had one option, which was to break the law and escape Cherbourg. He left behind his family and friend and the country he loved. His love of horses and skill as a horseman led him to Australian icon RM Williams where he became his right hand man and Head Stockman of Rockybar. Today he reflects on his life through his art and the trail of respect he creates – knowing all he ever wanted to do was become a stockman.

Director: Dean Gibson*


Dunba is a Walmajarri man who was removed from family and brought to Beagle Bay in the 1950s at a very young age. Dunba was raised by the Pallotine Brothers and priests as well as the St. John of God nuns. Dunba married Rosemary and they have five beautiful children and two grandchildren.

Director: Henry Augustine*

Beryl Van-Oploo

Aunty Beryl is a respected Elder of the Redfern community. She is a great advocate for providing opportunities for young Indigenous people in particular, those who had been long term unemployed and for whom ongoing work or a career seemed impossible. Her own life has been one of transformation since she first came to Redfern in the fifties. Now in her mid-seventies she’s imparting her knowledge and skills to mentor her students who are often long term unemployed and often with little schooling, into stable work and ultimately careers.

Director: Nancia Guivarra*

Peggy Tidyman

Aunty Peggy Tidyman is a respected Elder in Logan, a leading member of the Logan District Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation for Elders, past Director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Association and respected Education Counsellor in the Queensland Education Department for nearly thirty years.

Director: Douglas Watkin*

Pearl Duncan

From humble beginnings in a redneck country town in New South Wales, to a Doctor of Philosophy, Pearl Duncan has used education to make her mark. Her latest project explored the use of Aboriginal humour throughout hardships and her legacy lives on.

Director: Dean Gibson*

Henry Hegarty

Uncle Henry Hegarty loves his football, still living in Cherbourg where he grew up he reflects on successful Rugby League career at Norths Devils, Brisbane and the thriving League community in his hometown.

Director: Dean Gibson*

Biddy Timbinah

The story of the inspiration for artist Biddy Timbinah’s work- when she journeyed as a small child of the Ngardi tribe (Swan Children) with her Father and three Mothers and her siblings through the Western Desert, Kirrakurra country. We learn how they travelled to Sturt Station, surviving on bush tucker and waterholes, and the family’s first encounter with white people.

Director: Simon Ackerman

Rev Sealin Garlett

Rev. Sealin Garlett tells us about his journey, from his birthplace at Bruce Rock to Mogumber Mission until today, leading his own Aboriginal Church Maaman O Miya.

Director: Karla Hart*

Aden Eades

Meet Uncle Aden who is 75 years old and a respected elder from Albany Western Australia. Uncle is a kind hearted grandfather of 28 and great grandfather of many more.

Director: Karla Hart*

Dorrie Wally

Dorrie Wally is the oldest Marthudunera person living in Roebourne. She visits the country that is now a cattle station and a mine and reminisces about old people and places.

Director: Tyson Mowarin*

Esther Quinlan

Aunty Esther Quinlan is one of Kempsey’s last elders to speak and teach the local Dunghutti language. It’s a language, like most Aboriginal languages in Australia that was once forbidden.

Director: Larteasha Griffen

Shirley Peisley

Shirley Peisley has been active in campaigning for welfare and cultural legal rights since the 60's. Raised in Kingston SE by her grandparents she moved to Adelaide to finish her education.

Director: Edoardo Crismani*

May Lui

May Lui is an elder from the Poruma Community in the Central Islands of the Torres Strait, reflects on the immense and full life she has had as a daughter, sister, mother, Grandmother and teacher.

Director: Murray Lui*

Irene Ridgeway

This story follows the life of Irene Ridgeway from Peak Hill, a small town around 70km south of Dubbo with a population of around 300 people.

Director: Daniel King*

Marjorie Tripp

Marjorie was 17 when she signed up for the Women's Royal Australian Naval Service and became the first Aboriginal member. The Ngarrindjeri Elder started her naval career in 1963. Throughout the eighties she chaired the SA branch of the NAIDOC committee and was involved in setting up Tandanya. Asan ex-veteran she works tirelessly to get the needs met for her comrades of servicemen and women.

Director: Edoardo Crismani*


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