The Dreaming (Series)


The Dreaming is a 3-part series of animated Dreaming stories from around Australia that aired on ABC television. The stories are diverse and uniquely entertaining.

Each episode was designed and animated by a team of Aboriginal artists who received training in traditional and computer-assisted animation with help from the Department of Employment, Education and Training.

Each series includes teacher's guides and notes.

Series 1

  1. Introduction to the Dreaming and the process of animation (24 min)
  2. Compilation of interviews and information about the storytellers (90 min)
  3. Six stories: Gelam – Talwalpin & Kowinka – The Waratah – Tajeer-Tarnium – Kuti kina – Mar The Cockatoo (30 min)
  4. Seven stories: The Two Willy-willies – Dumbi The Owl – Warlukulunga – The Black Snake – How Bama Got Biri – Wonga & Nudu – Myths of The Galaxy (35 min)

Series 2

  1. Understanding the Dreaming
  2. Four stories: The Goori Goori bird – Thukeri – How The Mopoke Came to Be – The Dolphin
  3. Four stories: Djet – The Butterfly – Ballawinne – The Two Wise Men And The Seven Sisters
  4. Five stories: The Moon And His Two Wives – Blue Mountain Butterfly – Buda:dji – The Stone Canoe – Tree Duck

Series 3

  1. The making of the series
  2. Four stories: Min-na-wee (Why The Crocodile Rolls) – Nudjanuka – How the Waratah Became Red – How The Water Got To The Plains
  3. Four stories: Ngarntipi (Spinifex Pidgeon) – How Brolga Became a Bird – Emu And The Jabiru – The Coming of a Warrior
  4. Five stories: Manala The Monster Cod – The Snake And The Goanna – Tuggan Tuggan – Biami And Marmoo – Buduk And Bulaytj Bulaytj.


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