Our Footprint (Series 1)


Stories of our country by our Elders. Elders to be interviewed on country and reminisce, whether about a dreamtime story or a birthing place area, or a memory of the old homestead and/or mission, this is about our elders sharing their memories and country.

Directors are not know for this series.

Episode guide

Vic Simms

Meet Performer, Elder, Artist and storyteller Uncle VIC SIMMS who in his own charismatic way shares the history of Aboriginal Community of La Perouse – their struggles, their resilience and their Culture all from his Boomerang stand on a warm Sunday afternoon at La Perouse.

Pastor Ray Minniecon

Pastor Ray and his family give us an insight into the way in which they support and nurture one another, while still balancing their commitment to his work with the Men’s Group, Church, Kinchela Boys Home Group and Red Dust. Their love for each other nurtures the additional work they do.

Val Russell Mulcahy

Aunty Val is a hard working woman with a passion for life. After losing her husband and son, her nephews and nieces drew her to Mittagong to be with family. But it is an old childhood sweetheart who has given her a new lease on life.

Ali Golding

Aunty Ali was known for living at number 35 Eveleigh Street, her family and faith have shaped the way she looks at the world.

Geoffrey Prince

Back in the nineteen sixties a young Geoffrey Prince arrived in the small border town of Mungindi chasing labouring work. He never thought that he would meet the love of his life there or make Mungindi his home. Now today Geoffery is a highly respected Elder with a big family of adult children, grand children and great grand children. He is very proud of his family, loves his footy and is always willing and ready to speak up on behalf of the Mungindi Aboriginal Community.

Frank Ozies

83 year old Djugan elder Frank Ozies shares his memoirs in the style that most oldies do, he jumps from one topic to another trying to cover as many years of his life as he can in this short story: he calls himself a Jack of all trades, master of none. But it is his infectious and positive attitude that shines through and his simple reasonings about what keeps him healthy and happy.

Willie Leslie

At the age of eleven Willie was taken to the Kinchela Boys' Home Kempsey for Aboriginal Boys and stayed there till he was 17. After that Willie started boxing and picked it up professionally. Nowadays he works at Eora and helps out by driving community around.

Violet Sheridan

Ngunnawal Elder Aunty Violet Sheridan is looking back on her ancestors from the Yass, Cowra and Ngunnawal countries. Violet talks about what it feels like to be adopted by her Aunty and Uncle and what life is like now.

Max Eulo

Uncle Max Eulo is the unofficial face of Aboriginal Australia. He has smoked and welcomed the biggest names into this country. Who is Max Eulo, The Smoking Man?

Roy Wiggan

83 year old Bard elder Roy Wiggan shares the story of his father Little Wiggan who was lost at sea for four days, many many years ago, off the coast of One Arm Point. His father returned a changed man and later created the ilma of his experiences (song/dance). Roy sings the ilma and shares its meaning, while he shows and instructs a young fella, a grandnephew (Petris Torres) in the craft of making a boomerang.

Tim Kemp

Gungaloo Man, Tim Kemp a remarkable 91 year old man who collated in his own experience of being a young person on the Woorabinda mission, reminiscing sharing language with fellow indigenous stockman and some of the events that happened in the mission days.

Coral Wilson

Aunty Coral reflects on her life from Point Pearce Mission to receiving lifetime achievement awards for her work in the community. A proud Kaurna/Narrunga woman Aunty Coral is an inspiration to many in South Australia.

Brendan Chaquebor

Brendan Chaquebor is a Bard elder of the Djarindjin community on the Dampier Peninsula, north of Broome. Brendan's passion in life is upholding traditional knowledge, law and culture.

Aunty Margie

Aunty Margie is a Gumbaynggirr Elder of Corindi Beach and a child of the Stolen Generation. She gives insight into her early life with an abusive family that didn’t want her.

Joan Hendriks

Aunty Joan Hendriks is an Elder from the Ngugi people of Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) area of Queensland. She lives on North Stradbroke Island and is heavily involved in local community. She is passionate about the environment, aboriginal spirituality, sustaining Aboriginal culture and educating the younger generations.

Vincent Angus

Vincent Angus is a Jawi Bardi elder from Mudnunn, a small community east of Djarindjin/Lombadina. Vincent describes his early life growing up on the Dampier Peninsula and explains the 7 clans of the Bardi tribe.

Through the Eyes of Grace

Mercy grew up on the Koonibba Lutheran Mission in South Australia. As an adult, the process of writing about these experiences with her daughter brings difficult memories and pain but ultimately unites her family.

Lakes Entrance

This is the story of Aboriginal families who lived in the bush camps around the tourist and fishing town of Lakes Entrance after white settlement.


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