Murdered and cruelly beheaded in 1833 by those he trusted, the return of Yagan's skull to Noongar country was a momentous occasion for Aboriginal people nationwide.

This is his story.

This film examines the incredible and moving life and death of Yagan, a proud Nyoongar Aboriginal resistance warrior who was murdered and beheaded shortly after the establishment of the Swan River colony in Western Australia.

It took the Aboriginal community 180 years to have his stolen remains return to his country.


Clarence Ryan - Yagan
Jack Charles - Midgegooroo
Wayne Davies - Robert Lyon
John Brennan - Angry Man 1
Jacob Brown - James Keates
Sandi Buckley - Settler
Steve Hooton - Soldier
Nick Maclaine - Smedley
Aaron McCann - Fisherman #2
Ben Sutton - Fisherman #1
Release dates
12 December 2012 – World Premiere at the Burswood Open Air Theatre, Perth
13 October 2013 – Australia
M - Mature
Ash Gibson Greig

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