Marluku Wirlinyi - Kangaroo Hunters


Marluku Wirlinyi is a tale of kangaroo hunting that weaves its way through Dreamtime, to the present and back again.

A group of old Warlpiri men transport us back to a time of rarely heard history and we follow their journey into the present. Songs, stories and dance relate the importance of the past to the present. Old meets new, youth meets the elderly, traditional hunting meets the modern world.

Marluku Wirlinyi reflects a very personalised insight into how a small section of Indigenous Australia is measuring their rapidly changing world. Marluku Wirlinyi is an assertion of survival and an expression of cultural resilience. (source: AFC)

The documentary visits the Nyirripi community, 500 kilometres north of Alice Springs.

Some information kindly provided by John Janson-Moore I, Producer-Director.


Paddy Japananga Lewis
Tiger Japawarri Morris
Banjo Jungarrayi Tex
Mosquito Jungarrayi Morris
Duncan Jangala Gallagher
Harry Jakamarra Nelson - narrator
Release dates
1998 - Australia
Video/DVD release date

Marluku Wirlinyi is spoken in indigenous language (but with English subtitles).

This documentary relates to the Warlpiri Aboriginal people.

An antique book exists with the same title: "The Kangoroo Hunters or Adventures in the Bush" by Anne Bowman (1858).

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