Collisions focus is Aboriginal elder Nyarri Nyarri Morgan’s first contact with Europeans while he was observing one of the Maralinga atomic tests.

Set in the Western Desert, the film contains elements of tragedy, travel blog and nature story.

It represents the uniquely personal vision of Nyarri who as a child was taken to the Jigalong mission, and is now a painter (and expert horseman) of the Martu people, who reclaimed their land in the 1970s in a legal and ethical stand against uranium mining.

As the film opens you witness a convoy of trucks entering Martu country. Nyarri and his grandson Curtis deliver a Welcome to Country and introduce you to the hill that they are protecting; a hill that holds uranium. After seeing the Maralinga and Blue Streak Rocket tests, Nyarri is sure this spirit should not be unleashed upon a land better served by custodians who will prevent disaster.

Collisions employs virtual reality and 360-degree panoramic photography combined with computer animation, and an ultra-dynamic soundscape.


2017 News & Documentary Emmy award for Outstanding New Approaches in Documentary Film
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Lucas Films Skywalk studio

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