No Fixed Address On Tour


Aboriginal band No Fixed Address were the tip of the spear for contemporary Aboriginal music in the 70s. Considered cultural ambassadors, No Fixed address opened the door for the many contemporary Aboriginal artists who have since followed.

In 1978 Bart Willoughby performed and wrote songs of Aboriginal rights and survival, taking him on a tour of the UK at the influential time of the Brixton riots, playing at 9 cities including London, Bristol, Leeds, Plymouth and Manchester. The art and political voice of black music created the foundation for his friendship with fellow Australian Richard Micallef.

Band member Bart Willoughby, reflects on the challenges and highlights of the bands earlier successes, whilst contemplating the state of the current music industry with his mate Richard Micallef.

No Fixed Address was the first Aboriginal band to travel overseas, No Fixed Address On Tour is an extraordinary record of this band on the road.

No Fixed Address were inducted into the National Indigenous Music Awards Hall of Fame in August 2011.


Release dates
1990 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
Marcom Projects

Includes interviews and performances by the band.

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Harvard citation

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