Pemulwuy: A War of Two Laws (Part 1 & 2)


Pemulwuy: A War of Two Laws charts the history of Australia's first ever Aboriginal resistance fighter.

From his first encounter with the British in Botany Bay, to his 12 year war against the establishment, to his eventual demise in 1802 in Parramatta where he was finally beheaded.

The program exposes one of Australia's forgotten histories and an unsung hero of the Bidgigal people of the Dharug language group of Sydney.

It explores history as viewed by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal expert voices reconciling the contention between the oral and written history of the early European colonisation of Australia and give him his due place in Australia's shared history.

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Miriam Corowa - presenter
Release dates
19 April 2010 - Part 1
15 May 2010 - Part 2
Video/DVD release date
2010 (EnhanceTV)
G - general

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Harvard citation

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