The Redfern Story


In the early '70s, Aboriginal political activism took to the stage with Australia's first all-Aboriginal theatre company, the National Black Theatre in inner-city Redfern.

Against the backdrop of street protests, a group of actors and activists created a voice for their community; the theatre became a social hub where Aboriginal identity could be explored.

Darlene Johnson’s documentary tells the story of the theatre’s volatile birth. Join a panel of activists, academics and actors from the film as they celebrate the legacy of Redfern’s National Black Theatre and debate 21st century Aboriginal cultural leadership.

The Redfern Story features interviews with Aboriginal media pioneer Lester Bostock, writer Gerry Bostock, actor Lillian Crombie, activist-academic Gary Foley, academic Marcia Langton and actors Rachael Maza, Bryan Brown and Bindi Williams.

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Lester Bostock
Gerry Bostock
Bryan Brown
Aileen Louise Corpus
Lillian Crombie
Max Cullen
Ernie Dingo
Dr Gary Foley
Prof Marcia Langton
Rachael Maza
Lisa Maza
Bronwyn Penrith
Bindi Williams
Release dates
8 June 2014 - World Premiere, Dendy Opera Quays, Sydney
Video/DVD release date
23 July 2014
PG - Parental guidance
Ronin Films
Adam Moses and Guy Gross

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