Welcome to Wee Waa


Welcome to Wee Waa is a documentary, but little information exists about it.

I assume McGrady documents Aboriginal protest following the death in custody of Eddie Murray in Wee Waa in 1981, and of Pat in 1983 along with rallies during the inquest into his death.

Aboriginal political activists campaigned in Wee Waa to assist Eddie’s family and to try to win justice for the many people who had died in similarly suspicious circumstances.[1] Tranby College became a resource base for the activists.

Aboriginal political activism in Wee Waa also tried to reclaim a centrally-placed camping ground for Aboriginal cotton seasonal workers in the chipping season who the local council had barred from entering, claiming the camp was ‘unsightly’ and water was unhealthy.

The Aboriginal protesters saw this as part of the wider issue of land rights and hoped an occupation would bring publicity and stop the council before the summer chipping season began. McGrady documented this occupation.


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1. ^ ‘Making Change Happen’, chapter 7 ‘Politics and real education - Black Deaths in Custody’, Kevin Cook and Heather Goodall

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