We Fight (Guniwaya Ngigu)


We Fight is a rare documentary about Aboriginal resistance to the Brisbane Commonwealth Games of 1982.

Hundreds of activists occupied Musgrave Park in South Brisbane as a campsite and performance area and fought against the Games and the racist government of Joh Bjelke-Petersen. About 300 were arrested.

The film reveals the passion, bravery, solidarity and power of the Aboriginal people who came from all parts of Australia to demonstrate in solidarity against the notorious and repressive Queensland Aborigines Act.

In one memorable scene in the film then Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is seen arriving at an official event adjacent to Musgrave Park. As he is rushed into the venue, a large crowd of demonstrators jeer him from across the road, to the strains of legendary Aboriginal musicians like Bart Willoughby and Joe Geia performing in a concert deep within Musgrave Park.

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No Fixed Address, Bapu Mamoos, Kuckles

A film by the Black Film Unit (Maureen Watson, Tiga Bayles, Johnny Bayles, and Madeline McGrady).

Possibly the first documentary directed and produced by Aboriginal Australians.

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