Walkabout to Hollywood


This documentary is about David Gulpilil, an acclaimed Australian Aboriginal (Yolngu) actor, dancer and musician.

The film shows how Gulpilil is always working to bridge the gap between Aboriginal and Western worlds. He divides his time between a traditional tribal lifestyle and his artistic work, which has included major film roles, collaboration with contemporary dance and music groups and teaching Aboriginal dance and culture.

In Hollywood David was the most popular Australian in the world at a time when he featured in four films playing in America – Walkabout, Storm Boy, The Last Wave and Mad Dog Morgan.

After relating to both the black and native American cultures and filming a quick scene for a big Hollywood picture, Gulpilil pines to head back through the Outback to his beloved Arnhem Land.


Buffy Sainte-Marie
David Gulpilil
Peter Weir
Robert Powell - narrator
Hugh Rule
Release dates
2 November 1980 - UK
M - Mature

Also known as The World Around Us: Walkabout to Hollywood
and David Gulpilil: Walkabout to Hollywood.

Bill Leimbach produced and directed this documentary for BBC.

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