Freedom Rides - 40 Years On


Freedom Rides - 40 Years On is a documentary that features interviews from most of the towns visited in 2005, footage of community events, significant interviews with leading community figures discussing the original Freedom Ride and voices of the old and young on the streets of the towns visited.

The contents of the DVD resource ‘Freedom Rides - 40 years on’ are:

Disk 1 (DVD)

Freedom Riders - 40 Years On

Feature documentary (2010, 58 minutes). Editors and contributors: Oliver Lawrance, Miriana Marusic, Melissa Abraham, Poppy Stockell, Emma Torzillo, Samia Khutan, Bryan Rapsey, Nicolas McKenzie, Chris Hancock & all the Freedom Riders of 2005.

Freedom Ride 2005

Short film (2008, 15 minutes). Film suitable for high school students. Editors: Tom Tilley, Samia Khutan and Sean Robinson.

Photo Slideshow

2005, 5 minutes. Photos courtesy of Oliver Lawrance, Brian Rapsey, Andrew Tibbitts, Bronwyn Powell, Kirsten Cheatham, Ben McNiven, Melissa Abraham and Clare McLisky & all the Freedom Riders of 2005.

Disk 2 (CD)

Radio documentary (2005, 49 minutes). Producer: Donna Morabito, courtesy of Awaye and ABC Radio National.

CD comes with a booklet with additional information about the 1965 Freedom Ride and the 2005 Freedom Ride re-enactment.


Release dates
Australia - 2011
Video/DVD release date
23 February 2011
G - general

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