Freeman celebrates Cathy Freeman's historic win of the 400m sprint at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. In the documentary she shares her full story on the event for the first time.

Cathy Freeman’s win brought Australia together as a nation. Watched by billions of people worldwide, the 400-metre sprint on the evening of September 25 had the country glued to the TV. Everyone remembers where they were on that spring night in 2000 when Cathy, wearing a futuristic green and white bodysuit, cemented her place in sporting history.

Twenty years later, Cathy Freeman remains one of Australia’s most popular sporting figures, held in tremendous affection by the public for the role she played in shaping our national identity.

Drawing on archival footage, emotional dance sequences and a series of intimate conversations with Cathy Freeman, the film takes viewers on a journey through Cathy’s remarkable sporting career and the frenzied build-up to September 2000.

Cathy’s fast-paced climb to the top of the world is mirrored by the rise of a people’s movement supporting reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. Her story became the symbol of a much larger struggle for reconciliation and equality.

Cathy’s experience is brought to life by stunning performances from Lillian Banks of Bangarra Dance Theatre, as choreographed by Stephen Page, creating an emotionally-charged insight into Cathy’s spirit and mindset as she prepares to compete.

Cathy Freeman shares her most intimate thoughts, revisiting her past through montages of projected images, and reveals what it felt like to be at the centre of such a unique and significant event.

With insights from Freeman’s mother, insiders and media commentators, the film gives previously unseen glimpses into a moment of rare intensity.

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Lillian Banks (Bangarra Dancer) - young Cathy Freeman
Release dates
13 September 2020 - World Premiere on ABC iView (coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Cathy Freeman's run)
G - general

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