Away From Country Season 1


Away From Country captures the essence of Aboriginal excellence on and off the sporting field and highlights the journeys of Aboriginal sportspeople.

It captures the pursuit of dreams and looks at how the athletes cope with being away from Country; maintain their connection to land and community; and how they harness this to further their careers.


Episode guide

Episode 1: Jesse Williams – The Monstar

Running onto the field in front of 100,000 people, round the clock security and watched by millions around the world, this wasn't something Jesse had envisioned when he accepted a scholarship to attend university in the United States. This is the story of a kid from Queensland, Australia, who wins two national football championships with the Alabama Crimson tide in a sport that he only started playing in his late teens. With university complete Jesse has his eyes on something bigger: the NFL.

Episode 2: Brendan Williams – Man of the People

Brendan Williams was predicted to be one of Australia's top rugby union players, then a dramatic fall from grace. Drugs, alcohol and the death of his brother led Bredan down the wrong path. His Australian rugby contract terminated, he took his talents overseas. His rise was just as spectacular as his fall. This is the inspirational story of a kid from the block who went on to become one of Italy's top rugby players.

Episode 3: Khalen Young – Hell of a Ride

It's been a hell of a ride for BMX superstar Khalen Young. Khalen grew up in a poor Western Australian neighbourhood and moved to the United States at the age of 20 to pursue his dream of making it in BMX.

Episode 4: Scott Gardiner – The Rookie

Away From Country captures the essence of Indigenous excellence on and off the sporting field and highlights the journeys of our Indigenous sportspeople.

Episode 5: Patty Mills – Out of the Shadows

NBA superstar, Australia captain and proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patty Mills shares his life story and gives us an insight into what life is like way up there. Playing at the top of his game for one of the world's most successful sporting teams – the San Antonio Spurs - this Canberra point guard was one of the first Indigenous players and also the youngest to suit up for the Boomers.


Release dates
Episode 1: 31 May 2016
Episode 2: 11 September 2013
Episode 3: 18 September 2013
Episode 4: 25 September 2013
Episode 5: 2 October 2013
PG - Parental guidance

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