Under Skin, In Blood


Under Skin, In Blood follows a fictional husband and wife, dealing with the devastating impact of the asbestos mine on the remote community of Baryulgil.

The Aboriginal community, west of Grafton, was the site of a major asbestos mine between the 1950’s and 1970’s. Although the Baryulgil mine was never profitable, mining operations continued until the 1970s because it provided employment for the Aboriginal residents of Baryulgil.

It has been estimated up to 20 percent of the town’s residents have contracted or will contract asbestos-related diseases.

“I was sort of drawn to the tragedy of that idea that giving people something that was seen to be beneficial, a job in the mine, was actually something that poisoned not only the people working in the mine but had an impact on the broader community and the family,” Larissa said [1].


Margaret Harvey - woman
Aaron Pedersen - husband
Release dates
Sydney Film Festival, June 2015: World premiere

Larissa Behrendt is a Professor of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney.

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1. ^ ‘Asbestos mine’s impact on Baryulgil depicted in new short film’, ABC News 17/6/2015

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