When Colin met Joyce


Colin, a white man, and political activist Joyce Clague met in 1964 and have had a mixed-race marriage that has been entwined in a forty-year journey of support, nurturing, devotion, commitment and love. They are the yin and yang of each other.

But it is their principles about Aboriginal welfare, social justice, humanity and family that bind them and have helped shape the Australian nation.

When Colin met Joyce is a love story with a true sense of reconciliation bringing Colin’s and Joyce’s lives together.

For us as film-makers it's important to give it back to our community. [When Colin met Joyce] is a gift to the Clarence River. It identifies Yaegl country really well.—Pauline Clague, producer

Movie still of 'When Colin Met Joyce'. Joyce (left) and Colin in 'When Colin Met Joyce'.


Joyce and Colin Clague
John Tomlinson
Liesa Clauge
Grace Clauge
Pauline Clauge
Evette Clauge
Release dates
2007 - Australia
PG - Parental guidance
Christopher O'Young

When Colin met Joyce was written and produced by Yaegl woman Pauline Clague.

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