Sa Black Thing (Sa Blak Thing)


An obnoxious businessman's world is turned upside down after he insults a young woman he's trying to pick up. In revenge she steals his laptop, which contains the documents he needs to close a lucrative deal.

For brash young salesman Clinton Spice, life is looking up. He's been sent to a tropical paradise, all expenses paid, to close the deal of a lifetime. But on the eve of his all-important pitch, his documents are stolen by Crystal, a vivacious young thief, and he sets out to track her down all before his deadline. But what he gets is the last thing he ever expected.

Director's comments

During the world premiere of this film at Sydney Opera House in 2005, the producer Pauline Clague, talked about this movie.

Pauline loves Hollywood's blockbusters, specifically testosterone-style action films with guns, a chase and lots of action and then putting black actors into them. She met Rima at a film school in 1993, and the two women made films together ever since.

The female lead actor of Sa Black Thing is a novice and acts for the first time in front of a camera. The male counterpart is an ex-singer and theatre actor. The movie was shot mainly at Wollongong, but also in rain forest. The beach scene is of special interest since the actors were performing at 10 degrees Celsius conditions.

The movie contains references to Jedda, Pulp Fiction and Romancing the Stone, altogether eleven references to Aboriginal or Hollywood films.


Kylie Farmer - Crystal
Michael Tuahine - Clinton
Release dates
May 27th, 2005 - Australia
Premiere at the Indigenous Arts Festival, Sydney
G - general

Rima Tamou has made two other short films: Round up and Saturday Night, Sunday Morning.

'Sa' is short for 'it's a'.

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