Why me? - Stories from the Stolen Generations


Why me? is touted as one of the "most compelling" films on the subject of the Stolen Generations.

The film tells the stories of five stolen children who as adults are trying to get on with their lives. Powerful re-enactments of key moments from the 1950s and 60s establish an emotional link to the journey of the children. It becomes clear what cost Aboriginal people paid for a government policy of forced removal.

As much as Why me? documents the pain and suffering of being an outsider wherever you are, it also shows how these people struggle to find a direction in their lives, their courage and hope.

But it is also a documentary about the work of Link-Up, an organisation dedicated to bringing together members of the Stolen Generations with their parents, siblings and relatives.

Evelyn Rogerson, Lyn Jones, Doris Kartinyeri, Sid Graham and Brenda Rogerson
The Why Me storytellers. Evelyn Rogerson, Lyn Jones, Doris Kartinyeri, Sid Graham and Brenda Rogerson. Photo:


Sid Graham - himself
Doris Kartinyeri - herself
Lyn Jones - herself
Brenda Rogerson - herself
Evelyn Rogerson - herself
John Stanton - narrator
Release dates
2006 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
Creative Excellence Award [documentary category] 2006 US International Film and Video Festival Gold Award [documentary] 2006 Australian Video Producers Association Awards Gold Award [dramatised documentary] 2006 Australian Cinematography Society Milton Ingerson Award [Best Film of the Festival] 2006 Australian Cinematography Society
G - general
Ronin Films

Sid Graham, Doris Kartinyeri, Lyn Jones, Brenda Rogerson and Evelyn Rogerson act their own stories in Why me?.

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