Beyond The Dreamtime


The title Beyond The Dreamtime comes from a very successful book series by Ainslie Roberts and Charles P. Mountford. While Mountford wrote the texts (mainly Aboriginal myths) Roberts delivered "vibrant surrealist images" of "enchanting richness and awesome power" (Ronin Films). Published originally in 1965/1966 the series was republished due to its extraordinary success until way into the 80s and sold over a million copies in Australia alone. See below for more information on titles.

Beyond The Dreamtime is a documentary on Ainslie Roberts' work, a film of visual beauty, bringing to life the haunting imagery of dozens of Ainslie Roberts' major works, weaving them into the artist's personal life and illuminating his love of the land.


Release dates
1994 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
15 November 2011
G - general
Ronin Films
Toivo Pilt

Books from the "Dreamtime" series by Ainslie Roberts (1911-1993, AR) and Charles P. Mountford (CPM) include

The Dreamtime (79 pages; AR, CPM)

Legends of the Dreamtime (96 pages; AR, CPM)

The Dreamtime Book: Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings by Ainslie Roberts (175 pages; AR, CPM)

Dreamtime Heritage (AR, Melva Jean Roberts)

Shadows In The Mist (AR, Dale Roberts).

You can find these books in bookshops that sell used books, on eBay or in antique bookshops.

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