Little Towns, Big Voices


Domestic abuse is a dark shadow that lives in the heart of Australian society, affecting individuals, families and neighbourhoods. In regional, rural and remote Australia, whole communities can be affected.

In this powerful short film, this often hidden subject is brought to light by people willing to speak out about abuse to help create social change. With the help of the NSW Police Force, one little town in the far west of NSW is using the voices of its community members as the weapon with which to battle domestic violence and create lasting change for future generations.

Narrating this documentary is Peter Garrett, formerly lead singer of the legendary band Midnight Oil, politician, and now author. Peter stresses his great concern about the domestic violence epidemic we have in regional, rural and remote Australia. Through Peter’s narration and the stories of the people from these towns, the film expresses sadness, anger, fear and ultimately hope.


Release dates
2016 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
17 August 2016
PG - Parental guidance
Ronin Films

DVD includes extended interview with Peter Garrett.

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