Dark Emu


Dark Emu is a two-part documentary based on the award-winning book of the same name, written by Bruce Pascoe.

Bruce presents his fresh perspective on Aboriginal history, taking audiences on a revelatory and inspiring journey across Australia to present a very different history of our nation and the First Australians. It tells the story of Aboriginal achievement pre-colonisation in the form of agriculture and farming, infrastructure and design, astronomy, trade and governance.

The series is written by Bruce Pascoe and Jacob Hickey.

Head of Indigenous at Screen Australia, Penny Smallacombe says, "Dark Emu promises to be one of the most important documentary series the Indigenous Department has funded. It’s a chance to challenge the myth of pre-colonial Indigenous Australians being just hunter gatherers. We have sophisticated systems and knowledge that isn’t appreciated by all Australians."


Presenter/Narrator: Bruce Pascoe
Release dates
2022 - Australia
G - general

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