Firekeepers of Kakadu


This documentary follows the Bininj people in the Kakadu National Park area in northern Australia. They are keepers of fire, traditional custodians of country. A clan of people who can feel the rhythms of the land and its inhabitants.

For more than 65,000 years this oldest continuous culture on the planet has actively managed the land using fire. Discover how the Bininj have continued to thrive for so long in such unforgiving land and watch them as they hunt and forage in preparation for a great food festival. A celebration of the bounty that the land provides.

In a time when our planet is suffering from over-farming, unsustainable land management in a rapidly warming world can we afford continue to ignore the lessons we can learn from them to help our fragile world?

The film explores how this wisdom is being passed to the next generation and the challenges it poses for Aboriginal youth along with modern influences and pressures.


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Della Golding - narrator
Release dates
November 2018 – Australia
G - general

This documentary was commissioned by Tourism Australia.

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